As was mentioned in our previous blog, Hay Burners Equine LLC has successfully changed our site host and added a new domain name. You can now find us at and   All this was done in hopes of better serving our slow feed hay net customers with better web site up times and faster loading speeds.

Coming soon we are adding a DIY section where various panel sizes of our stock slow feed hay netting will be available for purchase. These will be set panel sizes of hay net, we will also be offering buckle straps, 3/8″ diameter rope cut to length and other supplies for the DIY folks that want to make a custom slow feeders for themselves. We hope by offering the DIY it will allow more folks the opportunity to use slow feeders for their horses – check back soon!

Please keep in mind we will still gladly quote & build custom slow feed nets for our customers that are not interested in building their own nets.