Need A Custom Horse Hay Feeder Net

Need a Custom Horse Hay Feeder Net?

We have had a lot of custom slow feed hay net requests, So I figured its a really good time to discuss them and let our potential customers know what information we need in order to properly price your custom slow feeders for horses.

When requesting hay feeder net, please be sure in include the following information:

Mesh size for the hay net, are you just trying to minimize the waste or actually slow your horses hay eating?

What your project is, are you covering an existing feeder or creating something new?

Are you looking for a rope border? Open bottom? Any special requirements?

Length/width/depth of what you are trying to cover – this needs to be pretty accurate or the hay net will not fit your horse hay feeder or bale correctly. Last thing anyone wants to do is spend money on a custom net and not have it fit.

The more information you can give me about your hay feeder will help, and the more I know upfront, the faster I can get your quote done. Pictures are always helpful when determining the best approach.

Please keep in mind, I really cannot run to the farm store and try to find your horse hay feeder you have for measurements. This is just not feasible for me and many times what might be available to you, may not be available where we are.

Check out our gallery photos for many of our custom hay nets in use by our satisfied customers