Slow feed hay nets

The Largest Selection of Slow Feed Hay Nets on the Market!

All our nets are woven and made from a thick polypropylene fiber with makes our netting softer than the competitors.  Our soft “no knots” netting is kinder to the delicate muzzles and gums of our equine partners and does not slip at intersection points of the “squares” to enlarge.

Some might say our heavy weight netting materials are over-kill but our long list of satisfied customers might disagree with that view. We could use a less costly, lighter weight material and probably be more profitable but we would rather produce a net that our customers are thrilled with and when they do finally need to replace it, they will come back to Hay Burners Equine.

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Pamper your horses and keep them healthy using Hay Burners Equine slow feed hay net!

Creative designs

All our nets are designed and processed in house.  These range from hanging type nets, large hay roll/bale nets and our “Topper Nets”.  Our “Topper” nets have turned old tanks into slow feeders that are easily installed by our customers.

Also,Tarter Hay Baskets are now slow feeders by adding our “Basket Topper”.   We also make customs for unique situations.

Slow feed hay nets will save you money

It won’t take long to realize after beginning to use a slow feed hay net that you are seeing far less hay scattered around the stall and in the manure pile.  Even a low estimate of 30% savings in wasted hay can add up to a lot at the end of the month.  Do the math!

Slow feed hay nets will save you time

We recommend getting a net that might be a size larger than you think you need.  Think of it like a reservoir.  When feeding the “free choice” way 2-3 times per day vs 1 time per day with a hay net it’s easy to realize you’ll have more time to catch up on those other chores.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to produce the best slow feed hay nets in the market at a fair price. We’re not out to be the leader in volume, we are determined to be the leader in value.

Custom Bag Sizes

Custom bags can be made from any of our stock hay net materials. Check out our gallery for some examples of what we have made for some of our customers.  Please see our blog for custom nets before making requests.  This should answer most of your questions and let you know what we need to quote your request.

Note that we are only doing flat sheet cuts at this time.   We just get too busy this time of year to accommodate time consuming specials.  Flat raw cut sheets can still be ordered as long as you know what you need.    Custom Request form is here  -> Click for form , fill out and send with your contact information   Thank you.

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“Return buyer, great quality product and fast free shipping. Would buy a 3rd time”~ rockycp

“Great seller and item. Multiple net purchases and will make more!Thanks!”~ insp5150

“My favorite hay net, soft and durable, own 3 for all my horses. Quick shipping”~ promisedgarden

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