Another Day, Another Exciting New Product

At Hay Burners Equine occasionally we get bored, the mind wanders and an idea pops into our heads that fixes a problem a customer has with a feeding system.  As some of you may have noticed Hay Burners Equine is now a distributor for the Hay Bonnet bale covers.  These, like other brands, have a net system to promote slow feeding and we commend them for that.  There are just some issues we have with those slow feed net systems.

  1. They only come in one size mesh and one net size.  One size never fits all we say.
  2. The net material is sometimes of the knotted variety. Knotted materials can irritate horses muzzles.
  3. The nets can dislodge from the retaining hooks on one brand
  4. The nets are very cumbersome to change in the event it wears out or needs repair.
  5. The nets provided from those companies is thin and cheap, wears out quickly.

We set out to solve all these complaints and we now have the solution we believe accomplishes just that.

  1. We offer the net systems in net mesh sizes of: 1.0”, 1.25”, 1.75”, 2.25” and 3.0”. No need to settle on the wrong size
  2. All the nets are our knotless heavyweight materials our customers love
  3. Our Quick Change System will not allow the net to dislodge from the clips
  4. No need to flip the house over if using small bales, just undo a few clips , pull the net back and fill the house up, recover with net and clip back into place.
  5. Here is the Best part… The net can be changed out in less than 5 minutes so changing mesh size with seasons is easy to do!!!
  6. Our nets can be used on wooden feeders – you just need to provide your own wood screws for the attachment of the clips.

Pricing is very competitive when compared to the much lower quality of the Hay Hut or Hay Bonnet marketed net solutions and we didn’t compromise anywhere on the quality of components to get there.  In fact, our Quick Connect Clips are made from marine grade stainless steel.  Compare our materials, product quality, mesh size options and useful benefits to the competition and you’ll clearly see the Hay Burners Equine offering is the hands down winner for your Hay Hut or Hay Bonnet slow feed net accessory.