Websites to purchase our products.

We have been asked several times lately if we sell our slow feed nets on Amazon.  The quick answer is no.   The only platforms we sell our products on is our own website and Etsy.

We decided to quit selling on Amazon about 2 years ago as the seller fees were crazy high and the terms for the sellers we found were too restrictive.  Also,  unless you spend even more money (aka Sponsored ads) you get low to no visibility.  We really don’t know how some of these smaller businesses sell on their platform.  We work very hard to keep our prices competitive and provide premium slow feed hay net products.  All the added costs to sell on Amazon were working against our lean business model so it didn’t win in the cost vs benefit analysis.

A few of our customers recently asked if we sold on Amazon as they saw “Tub Toppers” being sold on there. (Which is why we wrote this blog).  Upon investigation we found there are some knock-off nets being made by a Chinese company being sold on Amazon, this company copied our designs and even exact verbiage from our web site to market their products.   The photos do not even match what they claim to be selling.  Photos of nets for the 100 gallon tubs have a hay basket in them.   Reviews are less than stellar which tells me they are using inferior products to make them.  Our netting is custom made for us, using our specifications.

Keep in mind, these are not horse people selling these products, based on what I managed to dig up, its just a random company in China that makes covers for tubs, they likely did no research other than taking our product designs and making their own version of it.     This is basically a buyer Beware situation.

We did express our concerns to Amazon to no avail.