New Optional Shipping Insurance


We have now included a check box for shipping insurance at Check out.   Sadly, as a small business we can no longer absorb the costs of lost/misdirected shipments.    All packages have $100 of shipping insurance automatically from the carriers so there is no additional charge.   Any shipment value over $100 is not covered unless shipping insurance is purchased by the customer.   We are trying to keep our ship rates as low as possible, so we are letting our customers decide if they want additional insurance (if over $100 value).    If insurance is purchased your shipment will be insured for the full value.  If insurance is declined and the shipment is lost the most that will be paid out is the first $100 of value.  We will no longer be responsible for lost or misdirected shipments over $100 value if customers choose to decline the insurance.

Here is a link to the insurance terms and conditions.