Custom nets

Some of you may have noticed on our front web page we are no longer offering custom bags; only flat sheets of our current mesh sizes will be custom cut upon request.

We are sorry to announce this change, it’s been contemplated for quite a while now.  We just no longer have the resources to spend on special bag size requests or complicated designs requests for the hundreds of feeders out there. Our objective is to focus our limited time and energy in providing new slow feed hay net solutions.

We have a large offering of stock bag sizes readily available that fulfill most needs for bags, we have a variety of Tub Toppers available, and we also now have our most recent addition of nets for the plastic hay houses like the “Hay Hut” and “Hay Bonnet” these nets have a quick-change system for swapping net sizes easily, it also allows opening the net without flipping the house over.    You can check them out here: Hay House Nets .   This product will also work with many of the homemade wood feeders (you just supply your own wood screws for the clips).

We thank all our customers who trusted Hay Burners Equine to supply custom bags and hope you will still look to us for your other slow feed solution needs.