Basket Topper Tricks

Basket Topper Tips and Tricks

If you have an ingenious horse that is breaking into the basket by lifting the elastic (most don’t but we do see a over achiever occasionally).  You can add extra ties along the side easily using bale twine/rope/string and a clip as shown below.

Net draping over the side – this for most folks is not a problem and the horses still eat fine, some horses just love to toss it over the end (I have one that will do that, the other two never do).  It tends to happen more with the smaller meshes do to the weight of the netting and the horses trying to get the hay.

If draping over the side is a concern you can add a couple of ties  (with or without clips) to side of basket this will help keep the netting in the basket.    Make sure to do this on the opposite side of where you refill you hay from


If you still have trouble, please reach out with photos of how yours is set up and we will try our best to solve!