Be Better Prepared for Hay Shortages

Ask yourself, If you had 30% more hay in your barn would you have made it through the shortage this year? 

When pondering the purchase of a slow feed hay net we usually focus on the health benefits to your horse, and that certainly should be your first priority.  But when you run out of hay, and many we know have, you may have to settle for a much lower quality feed.  Hay Burners Equine slow feed hay nets have been proven to eliminate better than 30% of wasted hay.  Think if that savings could have gotten you through the time when hay was in short supply.  Not to mention paying a premium and the stress of finding hay during this time.  The small investment in our hay net solution could have saved you a lot of headaches.  Oh, and they do help to improve your horses health. 


Massachusetts Horse magazine article on slow feeding 

I nicely done piece on slow feeding for horses was done in the February/March edition of Massachusetts Horse magazine.  Hayburners Equine LLC was mentioned in the article as well.  For those in the distribution region that may see this magazine on the stands check it out.  We are grateful to get a bit of advertising space in this medium and hope it helps to keep the good word going about the many benefits of using slow feed hay nets in your feeding program.  On-line you can find the magazine at