Lower prices!

New lower prices on most items, yes, in a time of price increases on shipping and materials, we at Hay Burners Equine LLC have managed to lower our prices on many of our slow feed hay net products. Since moving our business to Tennessee and now having a nice large work space to make hay nets we have been able to gain efficiency, especially on the large round bale hay nets. This savings is being passed on to our wonderful customers.

We have also added 1″ and 3/4″ slow feed netting to our round hay bale selection. These round bale hay nets will be made to order, but no worries on wait time. The nets will ship in 5-7 work days (maybe even quicker depending on work load).

The DIY (Do It Yourself) section is live now for folks that just need materials for their project. We have standard offerings for hay net panel sizes, 3/8″ rope by the foot along with standard size pulls, webbing with slide and buckle. Please do not despair if you need a different panel size, we will still cut custom panels.

We are still offering making the custom slow feed nets complete to your needs if your not a do it yourself person