Playing Tag

Some time ago we decided to incorporate a brand tag on our slow feed hay nets.  It occurred to us that when your slow feeder net is finally in need of replacing, you may not remember where you got it.  Customers reaching out to us basically stated just that so what better way to create that lasting reminder and hopefully drive your valued business back to us.  We also thought it would be a great addition to offer identification tags for their slow feed hay nets to help differentiate your hay net from others.  Usually this is necessary in boarding facilities.

We thought, hey, why not create a dual purpose tag  that will offer the ability to add your personal identification to your slow feed hay net?  So we did.  You may have noticed the reverse side of our tag has the word “Name” printed there.  This side can be marked with your name, your horses name, whatever you want.

We tested tag material samples and chose one that offered toughness and wicking capability to absorb inks.  This will allow your marking to last for a long period of time during the rigors of everyday use.  A word of caution though.  Due to the wicking nature of the tag material we only recommend using regular ball point pens to mark the tags.  We found permanent marker inks, like Sharpies, will wick too aggressively and your identification marking will merge and look like a big ink blot.

Some gel pens are ok but tread carefully.  We also found that you can apply a color to the tag with a High Lighter.  Colors, especially in a boarding facility, can be a big help and highlighters are available in a rainbow of colors.  So have fun!