Simple Math

Ask yourself, how many horse related items you buy that actually pay for themselves. This is difficult at best with, let’s say a training aid or general tack related purchases. This however is not difficult at all with the purchase of a slow feed hay net. By the savings in wasted hay alone you will pay for your slow feed hay net in a very short period of time and improve your horse’s digestive and mental health at the same time!

So let’s do the math… Starting with a cost of even $4.00 per bale, an average horse consuming ½ bale per day would cost $2.00 per day to feed. Next let’s use a conservative figure of 30% savings in otherwise wasted hay per day when using a slow feed hay net. The result of that in terms of dollars saved is 60 cents per day. In the case of our “Half Bale” net at $41.00 it would take a mere 68 days to pay for this purchase in full. After that point you will “pocket the savings”, in essence paying you to use a product you and your horse will love.

Projecting this savings over the remainder of the first year of ownership it’s easy to realize a savings in the neighborhood of $175.00 per horse! Hard to argue with this logic and the best part is it has been proven over and over. Boarding facilities we have convinced to give slow feed hay nets a trial run have all come back citing this very benefit and expanded the program across all facets of their hay feeding program. This would potentially include our other horse hay feeder options consisting of our stall nets,  variety of larger nets we offer for full bales, round bales and our exclusive Hay Basket Topper.

Now let’s look at the price point of the farm store net solutions compared to Hay Burners Equine’s products. Certainly you can spend $15.00 on the farm store variety. Generally speaking they are made from a harder plastic, knotted construction material. Comparing that to the high quality, knotless netting, Hay Burners Equine “Single Serve” hay net there is a difference of around $20.00.

Doing the math again ($20/.60) would equal approximately 33 additional days of use to hit the break even point. So why should you spend more? It boils down to the longevity of the net. While the farm store variety may last 6 months in daily use the Hay Burners product will generally last 3 years or more. If you replace the farm store variety every 6 months you’ll have spent roughly $90.00 over 3 years vs. the original cost of $35.00 for the Hay Burners product or a savings of roughly $55.00! I don’t know about you but if someone wants to hand me $55.00 and give me a better product to boot?… Well Mamma didn’t raise no fool. Not to mention the hassle of having to repair or replace the cheap net on a more frequent basis.

To leverage another common phrase, and it is certainly true, “you get what you pay for” and in the case of the Hay Burners Equine slow feed hay net that means a high quality, durable hay net that will provide trouble free use for years. What’s not to love about that?!