Everyone loves a Sale!

Everyone loves a Sale!

From time to time we get asked if we are having a sale.  A Black Friday sale is the most common question.  Our answer is no and for the following reasons.

We maintain a modest profit margin and we are extremely busy.  Working 7 days a week and up to 12 hours per day (including weekends).  We’re not complaining mind you but the point is there is really no time to spend on the administrative tasks of price changes in the system.

Is a sale actually a true markdown?  We’ve all experienced this.  Stores typically mark prices up to then promote a “sale”.  Anyone that shops for groceries would notice this.  It’s the age old trick to make you think you actually saved.  Meanwhile the store enjoys increased margin before and after the “sale” period.  Trust, no merchant is taking a loss for your benefit.

We dislike it when we purchase something ourselves and then notice the item just went on “sale”.  Of course we all notice this right after the grace period where you can go to the store and try to get the sale price honored on your already purchased item.  Nothing more frustrating than this!

At Hayburners Equine we adopted the strategy that a fair price at all times on a high-quality item is the fairest and simplest strategy for our marketing plan.  No games, no bait and switch, no irritating promotions you can’t take advantage of, just excellent quality product you can depend on at a fair price, any time, all the time.

We hope you agree with this approach.  Based on our growth and reviews we’re betting that is the case for most.