Expanding on slow feeding options

Hay Burners Equine became a supplier to ThinLine some time ago for a very creative packaging solution for their new “Flexible Filly Slow Feed Muzzle”.

Never heard of Thin Line? Thin Line is a premier brand for saddle pads and many other tack products. They are a small, grass roots company and they ride what they sell. We liked their product so much we applied to become a dealer.

The Flexible Filly Slow Feed Muzzle is the perfect compliment to the Hay Burners slow feed hay net when you turn your horses loose on green pasture. This is especially necessary when going from hay where the sugar content is low to the much higher sugar content in Spring grasses. Many horses have foundered due to this radical change in their forage.

Don’t let this be Your equine friend! A grazing muzzle will slow their intake down in much the same way the slow feed hay nets do. Pair the Slow Feed Muzzle with the “Better Than Fleece Halter Cover Kit” for the ultimate compliment to the Slow Feed Muzzle and you’ll eliminate the rubs and potential sores that can occur with extended muzzle use.

So keep your eye out for Hay Burners Equine selling a number of ThinLine products soon!