Flexible Filly Muzzles

Changes to the Thinline Flexible Filly Muzzles.

Thinline has discontinued the larger grazing hole 3.6 CM (1.44″) and is now offering only the smaller 2.5MM ( .984″ which is about the size of a quarter) as their standard product. The instructions on the muzzles tell folks to cut them larger if they want a bigger grazing hole and produced a nice instructional video telling customers on how to do it on their own.  Video link here:  Making hole bigger Thinline Grazing Muzzle.

For those that are not comfortable enlarging the hole themselves, Hay Burners has gone the extra mile and purchased tools to enlarge the grazing hole the original 3.6cm (1.44″). These are punched here at Hay Burners Equine to the new size with a tool, no scissor cutting with the chance of damaging your new muzzle. Thinline has approved Hay Burners Equine’s process to resize the holes, because of this, all standard Thinline warranties stay intact! These are noted as “Modified Hole” in our store. This will allow our customers to order either version at no extra cost.



Net material changes:

On our slow feed hay net side of our products – We now have a new really nice slow feed knotless 1-1/4″ heavy polypropylene which is replacing the nylon 1-1/4″. The nylon was a harder tighter cord than our polypropylene products and we felt while it was sturdy, it was not as kind to the horses muzzles due to the stiffness of the material.. This also helps standardize our materials between all mesh sizes and offer what we consider a better slow feed net . Our nylon is currently on closeout and at discounted prices if someone is looking for great deal! Supply is very limited. We are currently adding this to our hay bag options on the pull downs – Please be aware that some bags may have both 1-1/4″ materials listed until our stock is depleted. We have tried to make sure its as clear as possible for customers –
Please call us (or email) if your confused or have any questions. We really don’t mind 315-871-7374 – Note that we are EST for phone calls.