Hay Burners Equine Website Face Lift

We have tweaked our website in a attempt to make it more user friendly for our slow feed customers. Hopefully our customers will be able to navigate a little more easily. We have also added a new materials page showcasing our netting with close up photos and brief description of each net type that we use to make our slow feed hay nets.

Custom slow feed hay nets can be made of any of our stock materials on this page. However we are going to discontinue/replace the nylon with the softer polypropylene in the 1-1/4″ mesh size. The new material will likely be available approximately June or July – stay tuned for updates.

On another note, spring is in the air and some areas are getting grass already! Don’t forget to get your grazing muzzles for those lovable fatties or insulin resistant equines. We have plenty of the ThinLine Flexible Filly muzzles in stock and ready to ship. This will be year #2 for my personal horse and her ThinLine Muzzle, We used to go through 2-3 muzzles each year as she would wear the bottom hole out and it would become HUGE, thus not making the muzzle very useful.

Photo from 2019 –