More ThinLine products and Review updates

We have added ThinLine muzzle halters and tie wrap covers to our product offerings – these new halters will help eliminate any concerns for rubs with the Flexible Filly grazing muzzles. Remember to get your muzzles for early spring – spring grasses are very high in sugars! We do have access to any ThinLine products so if there is something you are interested in that we do not carry, we can likely get it for you. Feel free to reach out to us on more than just our slow feed hay nets.

On the slow feed hay net front, we have a small amount of 3-1/2″ mesh woven netting that we can make any stock size bag out of- its bright orange so it will be hard to lose out in a field!

Our new reviews program is working well and we are getting some great feed back on our slow feed nets and the web site. Using the feed back from the reviews

A) We are putting an additional tag on our bags that show mesh size and hay net bag size (ie: single serve, half bale, etc). This
should assist our customers for future orders.

B) We also added some additional descriptions inside the slow feed hay net selections to hopefully help with confusion with the hay
net selections.

We sincerely appreciate the reviews and are working hard to answer/correct customers concerns.

thank you