New Math

We did a blog entry entitled Simple Math a while back that illustrated how the use of hay nets for slow feeding will pay for themselves.  We also have all felt the pinch of higher prices at what seems every turn lately.  Gas prices, food prices, and don’t even get me started on lumber prices.  It’s all very concerning especially when we have to tighten our belts to help support what, for most of us, is a hobby.  One thing that hasn’t gone up in cost you might ask?  Hay Burners Equine products.  We continue to find way to keep our costs down and find efficiencies so we don’t have to raise prices.  In some cases we have absorbed cost increases on goods that go into the manufacture of our hay nets in what we like to think of as a token of good will.

But let’s get back to that math topic shall we?  In our area of Tennessee we are experiencing a bit of a dry spell this Spring that has stunted the growth of hay grasses.  By this time of year farmers normally have their first cutting in the barns.    We have also heard bale prices are going up 1-2 dollars per bale.  So how do we counter these increases?  The best way in our opinion is to invest in slow feed hay nets and there are none better than Hay Burners Equine nets!  We say “invest” because the word Invest typically means funds are spent with the expectation of a better return.  This is where the New Math part comes in.  As we tell customers many times slow feed hay nets not only pay for themselves but will actually save you money down the line.

Conservatively speaking, a 30% savings of hay can be realized when feeding with slow feed hay nets.  Take the current cost around here of $7/bale.  If you factor in a conservative 30% savings of hay per bale that is 7 x 0.3 = $2.10 in dollars per bale SAVINGS.  Take the average horse eating ½ bale a day and you will save $1.05 per day.  That doesn’t sound like a lot but multiply that out for just 1 month (30 days) and you’ll save $31.50 in just the first month!  One of our ½ bale bags is just (on average) $39.00.  So in the first month of using a Hay Burners Equine hay net you could see a better than 80% return on your investment.  By the end of month 2 that hay net is putting money you would have lost to waste back into your pocket.

It’s hard to imagine another equine related product that will pay you back the way a slow feed hay net from Hay Burners Equine will.  Not to mention the digestive health benefits the slow feeding method provides your horse.  As you are looking for ways to cut costs and benefit your horses health look no further than slow feed hay nets.  You’ll be happy you did.  Just check our reviews from hundreds of happy customers.