Hay Burners Breakaway Halters

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Colorful “Jelly Bean” breakaway halters.

Breakaway leather is under the  cheek buckle,  this helps keep if from drying out and cracking from weather exposure.

If the leather piece breaks, its easily replaced.  link to straps

Fully adjustable around nose and crown of horse

Nylon halter with rust resistant plated hardware.

These can be used with the flexible filly muzzles, please keep in mind there are NO special slits for tie wraps.  Muzzle would attach the same way as it would for any generic halter.  Thinline pads will work also with if desired


Measurements below

Size Adjustable

Noseband – entire diameter- Red, Purple


Webbing Only

Royal Blue, Green

Throatlatch  Webbing only, add 2.5” for snap


Adjustable Crown – Ring to Ring- Dark Blue
Pony    28” max, 25” min 5” 17” 23”max,

19” min

Cob    29.5”max, 27” min 6” 11.5” 24”max,

19.5” min

Horse   31” max, 28” min 7” 12.5” 24.5” max,

20” min



Made in India

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


4 reviews for Hay Burners Breakaway Halters

  1. Adrienne V. (verified owner)

    The cob size fit great on my smaller/slender nosed horses. I really liked the breakaway feature. Hope to never have to use it though I am satisfied with product. As always fast shipping & great service.

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  2. Adrienne (verified owner)

    These are nice halters. I just ordered 2 more to have on hand. I like the breakaway feature incorporated with the colorful nylon.

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  3. camille t. (verified owner)

    they run a bit small — my half arabian, half paint just barely can wear the horse size halter — but they’re very nice! perfect for the thin line muzzle!

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  4. VALERIE (verified owner)

    We haven’t tried the halter with the grazing muzzle yet. It looks nice and fits well.

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