Shape Shifters

Over the years we have had a few customers reach out to us and say “I LOVE your hay nets and I just bought another and I think I received the wrong size”.  So, we look up the order history and typically see the same exact unit was ordered 2 or 3 years ago.   We then ask how the new net measures and sure enough the size matches our spec for the unit ordered.  Whew, sigh of relief.  We despise miss filled orders and it happens Extremely rarely (All bags are marked with a size tag which should help)

Then the customer says “when I compare the new net to the old it’s a different size.”  Aha, and this is where the shape shifter part comes in.  After years of use, especially with hanging nets, the bag will change dimensional size somewhat.  Typically, they will narrow some and elongate (Bag gets longer due to the weight of the hanging hay).    The squares can become more rectangle.  This is just a natural thing that happens and will not affect the usefulness of the net but it can throw you when your new net arrives.   There also can be some minor shrink over the years of use, especially when the nets are exposed to weather on a regular basis.

Counting holes doesn’t equate to a actual bag size change either as each lot of material we get in has to be remeasured and the counts may very some due to some variation in the raw netting.  We work to final measurements when going from one lot of material to the next.