Slow feed net for hay baskets and tanks

Slow feed net toppers for Hay Baskets and old water tanks

These are great additions to any slow feed program, One of the big questions we get is “what mesh size should we use?”. This will really depend on the type of hay you have, if your horses are used to nets and how long you want your hay to last.

The one thing that does come into play is gravity (or lack thereof).

In a hanging slow feed hay net, gravity helps push the hay down against the net, thus helping the horse actually pull the hay through the netting. The horse is pushing the bag around and the hay is falling down (thus moving down the bag).

When using a slow feed net to cover a tub or hay basket, gravity lays the net over the top of the hay but the hay doesn’t move inside the basket or tub as the net is pushed down against the hay, this makes it more difficult (not impossible) for the horses to get the hay out . In essence a horse using a 1″ mesh hay net (bag style) may have more difficulty using a 1″ mesh topper due to the feeding system.

This is just something to keep in mind when choosing your mesh size