The Great 6 x 6 Round Bale Search

Recently we had a customer that had just purchased one of our 6×6 round bale nets reach out to us and state that our net was way too loose on his 6×6 bales.  Unfortunately, we were never able to find a 6×6 bale to use as a model.  So, when we are forced to size up a bag, we end up relying on the math and compare results to other sizes as a sanity check.  In the case of a new product done this way we let the customer know we are in a bit of uncharted ground and ask for their feedback.  In this case we had sold many 6×6 nets without a complaint about size.  Pictures our customer provided showed he had a valid concern.  So, we set out to obtain a 6×6 bale.  Starting out we posted a request for one in our rural farm community page but got no takers.  Odd because there are a lot of beef cattle farms around us that feed large rounds.

We contemplated making a 6×6 round bale model using PVC tubing but didn’t move forward since we have too many other projects on the plate…always.  Finally, we reached out directly to a farmer friend and said, “Hey Scott, do you have a 6×6 round bale we can buy off you or let us borrow for a tailored fitting?”  Scott says “A what?… They don’t come that big!  Biggest I’ve ever seen is a 5×6 that we use on our farm”.  Certainly, we figured Scott must be wrong because our customers are buying this product and other hay net companies sell them so he must be out of touch.  We thanked Scott and went right to the Google machine and low and behold Scott wasn’t off his rocker after all.  Turns out there were a handful of round balers made for 6×6 but most if, not all have been discontinued.  The vast majority of large rounds are Actually 5×6.  When we asked our concerned customer if he would put a tape measure to his “6×6” it was indeed a 5×6.  Mystery solved.

We have since updated the 6×6 round bale bag size and have made them a little smaller.  The bags were way to large based on the photos for even a 6×6 bale, that was pretty obvious to us by the photos.  The updated bag size will still fit a 6×6 in the unlikely event your hay supplier still has one of these Unicorn 6×6 round balers in service.

Our nets are more of a tailored fit unlike some competitors that state their net will fit up to a 6×6 bale.  Our analogy of that is like saying I’m a size S but I should buy this shirt instead because it says it will fit up to a size L.  Get what fits.  There is No need to compromise with the Hay Burners Equine Slow Feed Hay nets product line.