Tub Topper Tips and Tricks

We do suggest anchoring your tanks to a post/corral panel/tree if possible as horses love to toss them
around. If none of the above works, a couple 50# bags (sealed bags) of sand work great and is much
safer than blocks. The “tube” sand works great (these are found in snow areas and are used for weight
in the back of trucks.

If the draping over the side is troublesome for your situation, you can add a low tie to the back side of
the tank (drill a couple holes) use some bale twine or string, then clip on the inside tank to the netting.  (See red dot in photo)

You can either do two spots if needed just space them out on the back side

By doing this it will help the netting stay down in the tank and still makes the tub easy to refill. We do
suggest to occasionally move the clip to a slightly different spot in the netting to help with any extra
stress to the cord. This works with any of the tub toppers


If you have an ingenious horse that is breaking into the tub by lifting the elastic (most don’t but we do
see a over achiever occasionally). You can add extra ties along the ends and back side of tank to lock it
down more. Or you can even lower the ties on the tank (if preferred) as that makes it harder for the
horse to pull the elastic up over the lip.


If you still have trouble, please reach out with photos of how yours is set up and we will try our best to