Updated Web Site

Updated web site!

One thing we dislike at Hayburners Equine is spending money frivolously.  We work very hard to watch every expenditure and test the expense against the added value it brings to the business and ultimately the customer.  It’s how we’ve been able to mitigate cost increases while facing ever increasing material costs and shipping costs and oh don’t get us started on shipping costs! But we’ll save that for another blog.

Since we re-tooled our web site a few years ago with a web development provider it’s been running ok.  Had a hiccup here and there and finally moved on to another, more reliable web hosting service and recently upgraded our server level for faster speed and improved reliability.  Customer experience during the browsing an ordering process is something we believe is extremely important to the overall satisfaction with our brand.

One issue that had come up most recently and in increasing numbers was customers struggling to navigate the site and place orders when using their smart phones.  For any business selling like we do, primarily internet sales, this is a red flag on fire.  So we discussed the issue with our web developer and they stated an ever increasing number of buyers are using smart phones to order goods, perhaps more so than use of desktop and laptop computers.  Our website was not truly developed with smart phones in mind so we bit the bullet and had it re-done again and now it should (fingers crossed) be far more smart phone friendly.

You should also notice that the mesh sizes are now in order !  YEA!!! Finally got that fixed.

The new site was launched on September 21, 2023.  Please let us know if you run into any issues on any device.  As always we want to make sure your experience on our site is hassle free!